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Visit Indian Creek Nature Center to Enjoy Nature in Every Season!
Experience hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, bird watching and environmental education programs throughout the year!
A view of Indian Creek Nature Center wetlands in winter

View from the Upland Trail in winter 2022 - Photo by J. Ozard


The marsh is quiet now, the woods and wetlands seem to be sleeping beneath a blanket of snow. The silence is broken only by the squeak of the snow beneath your feet until a grouse explodes from its hiding place amid the alder, and then another and another! Further along the trail, high up in a sugar maple, a white-breasted nuthatch calls out. As you look out across the marsh a tiny wisp of steam escapes from the top of a beaver lodge, betraying the occupants hidden inside. Tucked in among the cattails, smaller mounds of snow mark muskrat houses dotting the marsh. Back in the woods, troughs made by waddling porcupines crisscross the forest floor and tracks of snowshoe hares offer clues to other residents now out of sight. Wild grapes stain the snow beneath thick overhead vines and coyote scat, bristling with fur, reveal some of their recent meals. It’s winter at Indian Creek!


We move from the season in which the earth is covered in a blanket of (mostly) white snow, with the dark greens of pines and hemlocks and the brown-grey of dormant trees, to the season of vibrant spring greens and the early colors of violets, trout lilies, and Northern blueflag. The earthy smell of the forest reawakening in spring is lovely and invigorating, while the smell of amorous striped skunks is not so pleasant, but nonetheless a sign of spring! Migrating spring birds will turn Indian Creek into a riot of both sound and color.

Trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinators)

Trumpeter swans return to nest near the Nature Center every spring

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