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Upcoming Programs and Events

Spring & Summer 2023 Public Programs!

Please check our website, Facebook, or Instagram for updates on environmental education programs. Public programs are provided free of charge by volunteer naturalists and educators.


Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica)

All programs take place at Indian Creek Nature Center, meeting at the main entrance parking area off County Route 14 unless otherwise noted. Please RSVP for programs by contacting us with your name and group size.

Need directions to the Center?

Birdwalk - Migratory Bird Day
Date: Saturday, May 13, Starting at 8:00am

Join us for some spring birding for World Migratory Bird Day on the Indian Creek Nature Center trails. Whether the birds are returning to Indian Creek to nest or just passing through, there will be lots of bird song and colorful species to observe. Binoculars, long pants, and insect repellent are recommended.

Leaders: Sue Willson, SLU Ornithologist and Eileen Wheeler (315-244-9957)

Spring Wildflowers at ICNC
Date: Sunday, May 14, 10:00am–12:00pm

Spring ephemerals should be in full bloom and trees will be getting ready to leaf out at the Wildflower Loop; join botanist Anne Johnson at the East Entrance for an enjoyable springtime stroll around the loop and beyond.

Leader: Anne Johnson

Date: Saturday, May 20, Starting at 9:30am

Come discover the small wonders of our water! All aquatic macroinvertebrates start life as eggs. Some animals, such as water boatmen (Hemiptera) and leeches, do not change much as they grow – like humans, they get bigger but look basically the same. Some insects, however, change (metamorphose) quite dramatically as they grow. After hatching, the insect may go through several stages before reaching adulthood. Depending on the species, it may go through a larval stage, a nymph stage, or both.

Leaders: Nick Hamilton-Honey and Casey Sukeforth

Dragonflies of ICNC
Date: Saturday, June 17, 10:00am–2:00pm

Dragonflies and damselflies are aerial acrobats that can be found in and around many aquatic habitats. We will check out the ponds and various trails and fields of the Center. All ages and levels are welcome! Some nets will be provided, but feel free to bring your own equipment. Insect repellent is recommended.

Leader: Jan Trybula

Rain Date: June 18

Rue Anenome (Thalictrum thalictroides) - Photo by J Ozard

Nature in Flight.png
Nature In Flight
Moth Week

National Moth Week Celebration at ICNC
Date: Saturday, July 29, 9:00pm–11:00pm

Each year National Moth Week highlights the ecological importance and incredible biodiversity of moths with locally sponsored “moth night” events across the country and around the world. Join us at ICNC this July for a night of discovery in celebration of NMW. We will set up a blacklight and use sugar baits to attract a variety of moths for us to identify, photograph, and discuss. Bring a headlamp or flashlight, a camera, and your curiosity. Mosquito repellent might be helpful as well. (See NMW website for information

Leader: Ray Erickson

Nature in Flight - Bat Bonanza
Date: Saturday, August 5, 7:30pm–8:30pm

Part 4 of the Nature in Flight series sponsored by Nature Up North, Nicandri Nature Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Indian Creek Nature Center. How is bat flight different (or similar) to any of the other critters we’ve discussed? What’s it like to be the only mammal capable of true flight? We’ll discuss this and more, while keeping our eyes and ears open and our bat detectors turned on for signs of bats around us! Come learn how bat detectors work, and why they’re important for many different science applications. Who knows what flying mammals might make themselves known?

More information can be found here or reach out to: or contact @natureupnorth on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with any questions.

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